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All business modules / programs are organised and delivered by Members Partners.
New participants will be provided with a one year Starters Plus Plan on enrollment to chart their progression @ Qcircle.

  • Complimentary upgrade to Affiliate Plan for qualified persons on completion on select programs.
  • Online registration is a requisite to participate in any event.

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For all who are desirious to be part of Qcircle and its growth process. Unique value addon Consortium Plan offer :
  • Establish a new job, career or business
  • Enhance your competencies or existing businesses

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An Online Job and Business Advisor will assist to meet your need or guide your progression at the Consortium.


Get a Starters Plan. Our Job and Biz Advisor can guide you in your digital growth endeavour

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All participants will be registered as a Qualified Client User on enrolment and rewarded with an appropriate upgrade of a Consortium Financial Plan for self-actualisation of returns on completion

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