Developer of Montessorian Education and the Montessorian Fraternity Network Worldwide.

Montessorian World International holds the world’s largest infrastructure of networked country-specific montessori and montessorian portals under one learning environment. Today, it interconnects communities in over 50 countries worldwide and 34 provinces/cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for good. It promotes Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. The ultimate Learning Network for all Montessorian and friends.

Montessorian around the World

For Investors | ePartners

For Job and Business Seekers

Montessorian Education | Practicum

For Investors | ePartners

For Job and Business Seekers

“Becoming Montessorian” is a registered trade mark and unique pathway program for the development of Montessorian, Montessorian Professionals / Educators and Montessorian Community Schools / Education Hosts. Certified Montessorian Professional CMP and CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator are distinguished job credentials of Montessorian World International.

Montessori Asia Council
Partnered Montessori-based Schools across Asia


Montessori.Asia hosts the largest chain of country specific montessori branded domains in Asia for cooperative outreach in education and business development.

Montessori based Schools with Montessorian World Education programs. Get job and business development opportunities online or in country you reside.

>> Country-specific domain portfolio

Montessorian World International (MWI) provides education with job and business development opportunities. On completion of a choice montessorian program, participants receive an appropriate Award and Consortium Financial Plan to develop their career and job or advance a business at MWI | Qcircle.

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