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BPII Organisation – the Institution, is an education based business and professional development hub. It provides blended learning and supports entrepreneural & sociogenetic endeavours of its members with a Job and Business Partnership Plan.

Singland SGM is an unique media development hub to align participants’ products and services into a digital knowledge based platform ready for new economy challenges. It provides interaction for cybersites developers/ builders and clients/ owners.

The World’s largest integrated platform of networked chartered professionals. It hosts a multidisciplinary platform of businesses and professionals. It is integrated with a distinctive set of rich keyword domains and specialty portals for participation.

International Internet Club holds a chain of InternetClubs around the world for all internet users. It provides the space for cooperative learning, business development and purposeful exchanges with the advancement of social media tools.

Montessorian World International holds the world’s largest infrastructure of networked country-specific montessori and montessorian portals under one learning environment. It promotes Montessorian World Education and Fellowship Worldwide.

Montessori Asia with Montessorian World hosts the largest chain of country specific Montessori branded domains in Asia for cooperative outreach in education and business development. It advances Montessori studies with Montessorian World Education.



Jobcreation is a societal service channel at Qcircle. It is an interactive platform that provides job and development pathway advisory services.

Bizcreation is a societal service channel at Qcircle. It is an online interactive that provides business and development pathway advisory services to members.

ePartnership | eCommerce Consortium

All Investors Clienteles, Business Owners Solution Developers, Service Providers and End Users are welcome to be part of Qcircle. Participants are unified to the eConsortium by a digital integration process. The integrated specialty knowledge domain provides cross business service support, creates synergy and augurs sustainable development successes in any project delivery.

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