Innovator and Developer of New Education and Businesses.

BPII is the venue for new education and business development. The Institution supports entrepreneurial and sociogenetic endeavours of its members with a Global Education plus Business Development Portal and two online interactive platforms. The Institution advocates intellectual and social innovation and provides Job and Business Creation Mentoring and Internship.

New Education | Job and Business Development 

For Investors | ePartners

For Job and Business Seekers

New Education | Practicum

For Investors | ePartners

For Job and Business Seekers

  • Globalisation Plan for Entrepreneurs and Professionals.
  • Job Creation & Biz Creation Mentoring Schemes to aid members’ growth process.
  • Staged IEI Award for progression with Qcircle Consortium Financial Plan Reward

New Job  | Certifying Members : Mentoring Members in job and career development.

New Profession | Certifying Professionals : Mentoring Members by specialisation development.

New Enterprise | Certifying Businesses : Mentoring Members in business and entrepreneurial development.

Connect us to participate | All participants will be digitally connected to a specialty domain and an appropriate consortium financial plan for provision of their core services and businesses.

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